Words! Do I curb the flow?

Let me just say, I have absolutely no issue at all with the endless flow of words. Having struggled with idea block for so long, I’m glad the floodgates are open at the moment. But, having said that, I am very, very conscious of the fact my word count is just north of 20k, and my chapter count is just north of… 3.

In my mind, actively trying to keep my work shorter whilst writing, especially in this first draft, would be massively counter-productive, and I certainly won’t *worry* about the redraft until the story is finished.  I am, shall we say, aware of the growing complications. I don’t want to be reaching 100k words before I’ve even finished Part 1. I might then have to seriously start considering breaking it up into smaller books, and I have zero idea how to do that. It hurts my head.

I keep hearing that new authors need to keep their word count down, but I can’t get behind this. If my story requires 200k words, then that’s what it’s going to get. I’m not a moron though, of course. I realise that 200k is already getting towards the wrong end of the scale, so going much higher is not something I’m aiming for. 200-230k is something I’d be happy with, but getting an editor, or at least an affordable editor, might be a trial in itself.

I’m honestly quite sick of people saying that established authors get to indulge themselves because they’re established. Although I am ready and willing to make concessions if somebody ever tells me they think my work is good enough to publish. Or if it ever gets anywhere near that standard, despite being very flawed at the moment. Apparently, I have a fairly pronounced issue with sentence fragments. And dumb typos.

My point, as long winded as it has become, is that I’m confident I’m using way too many words to say the things I want to say. Yes, in the redraft, I can work all that out (shudder), but getting past that niggling worry, knowing I’m writing so much chaff, is proving frustratingly tiresome.

I still want to write this story, which is huge. I keep finding myself doubting my writing, ‘writing myself off’, if you will, and then invariably thinking, ‘it’s okay, I’ll keep writing anyway. I want to tell this story’.

My first job is getting the words down, the second job is making them not suck. Anyone know who said that?

Maybe I should be thinking about ways I can split them up, just in case. Or maybe I should start thinking about how I can make part 2 work if part 1 was removed… Contingencies, though. I need contingencies.

On another note, I’m going to start sharing the link to my early chapters, posted up on Wattpad, as another tool in my quest to build a readership and a platform. IF you find yourself in any way curious, please do drop in and have a look.

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