Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

It’s that time of year again. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award has opened its doors to budding authors everywhere. It’s a hell of a prize, to be fair. And the second place prizes are a bit delicious, too. Despite my rather disheartening exit at the first hurdle last year, I won’t be participating this year. My word count on Long May Men Have Voices is way too high, and the House of Keys is nowhere near completion. All the same, for some lucky bastard out there, everything is going to change in a few months.

I can’t say I’m entirely fond of the terms of the contract for the winner, but $50,000 and a publishing deal are pretty good makeweights. I feel like fantasy, by and large, has a bit of a stigma amongst the reviewers and feedbackers of the ABNA panel. They seem to favour actual-world stories. I guess it doesn’t matter. I intend to get myself published one way or another. ABNA is a good path for those with enough quality to make the cut, but i’m not there yet, and I know it.

Again, I find myself feeling my current work stops short of the mark, and my hopes are falling on the next book. I’d have liked to gauge my progress with the ABNA, all the same. It’s a very good opportunity, there’s no denying that.

If anyone reading this hasn’t heard of the ABNA, all the info is over here –


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