New Worlds, New Adventures, And The Old Stuff They Threaten

Four days off = 4k words less = Time to get back to work.

The last few days have been spent on holiday in Wales, returning to a life that has been absent for more than a year. I moved to Scotland in Feb of 2013 and somehow, it got to Feb of 2014 before I managed to get back down there. As reasons for not working go, it’s certainly one of those deemed most acceptable. That said, I hate going even one day without getting any work done, so having managed not a single word in around 100 hours, I feel like I’m behind schedule somewhat.

All in all though, the trip dahn sahf proved beneficial in other ways. I managed to reclaim about 20-30 books which I have no room for. It’s nice to have options again though. I also found a particularly monumental canvas that I forgot about; 20xA4 graph paper taped together with the never realised intention of drawing a large scale map. It was also a desire of mine to have it up on the wall of my study so I could sketch in my downtime. I consider it a milestone and a lifetime victory that I now have it up on my bedroom wall, ready to turn 84x135cm into a good sized sketch of a new world, for a new story.

On that note, isn’t it simply delicious when you find yourself half way through a story, only to have a new idea crop up that you just can’t wait to work on? I find myself now battling a conflict; either the quality of House of Keys drops in anticipation of finishing as quickly as possible, or I get so distracted thinking about my next story world that House of Keys suffers. Hopefully, I will find a balance. The best thing about it though, is that I’m now confident I have plenty of material with which to progress when House of Keys is completed.

Back to word count, and the page count, and my dearest imaginary friends. 


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