Never Ever Yodel. Ever.

I’m not talking about the calls of Alpine herders, I’m talking about the delivery company ‘Yodel.’ This may not apply to those of you across the seas, but for anyone in the UK, I implore you to avoid using companies who deliver through Yodel. Their service has been appalling this year, and I invite you to visit this website – – and read through some of the reviews on there. For the record, there are green reviews, though 75% (ish) are not.

Now, let me tell you exactly why you should steer clear of this company. When I say ‘steer clear,’ I don’t mind walking around a puddle, or skipping over a pile of winter-soaked mulch on the street, I mean give them a good, healthy berth, as if you were skirting Chernobyl. 

We ordered a PS4 before Christmas, not expecting it to arrive until around December 31st. On 24th, we received an e-mail from Yodel, telling us that our parcel had been delivered at some time after 9am that day. Needless to say, we had not received anything. We decided to check Zavvi the next day, intending to see if/when our PS4 might be shipped and learn, much to our dismay, that it was the PS4 that Yodel had delivered the day before. We expected the worst, thinking the driver, drunk with Christmas spirit, had stolen it. We immediately began looking for some way, any way, to contact Zavvi or Yodel but could not. Yodel, it seems, have no phone number whatsoever, whilst Zavvi was dead for Christmas. We wait, restless, for some kind of response. Come Boxing day, we decide we need to go out for some bits and pieces and find, to our unending shock and horror, that a box is sat in the middle of the walkway.

Inside this box there is PS4.

Beneath this box, there is a puddle.

Beyond the walkway, there is rain. Not light drizzle, not a light misting, but a thick gout of heavy rain. Swirling around this rain are temperatures of below freezing and gusting winds.

It would appear that our dear delivery driver did the hard part in finding our house in what is a relatively out of the way place, carried the package up four flights of steps and then decided he couldn’t be bothered knocking. Not only is this an egregious failing of their responsibility, their mandate and their promise to a customer, but it’s disgustingly neglectful. And that’s before we consider the fact that, not for the first time, apparently, a Yodel driver has signed for the package himself before leaving.

The box was sat in the cold, the wind, the rain, for 2 days, because let’s face it, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s windy, and it’s Christmas, what reason did we have to go outside and check to see if our delivery driver had decided to fucking abandon his responsibility at the door to our home? I wanted to rage. But instead, a friend of mine posted a link to trustpilot where I learn that this is not the first time this has happened, or even the worst thing they are guilty of. I’m inclined to think their green reviews are from people paid to say nice things about them. 

In summary, if you are in any way able to determine if the company you’re buying from uses Yodel, I beg you to turn away and pay a little extra somewhere else. Maybe Yodel do their job for you, but the majority of the time, they don’t. I’m talking more than 70% of the time. Pay a little extra with another company, pay for the security of knowing that company cares about its customers and its mandate.

Pay a little extra. Save yourself the hassle.


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