Sometimes I Feel Like Girls Moult More Than Cats & Dogs


I’m sure we, as men, have all suffered through unclogging drains in the shower after the girl has washed her hair, but seriously, I have to draw the line at randomly finding strands inexplicably tangled in my beard! Honestly. And yes, I know, it’s a cliche. A fantasy writer with a beard! Le gasp. On an otherwise unrelated note, today I dabbled with arts and crafts for the first time in twenty or so years. I made a card for my lesser half, and it was totally shoddy, yet badass too. I had very little to work with. In the end, I butchered an Empire magazine and put to use a picture of a bearded chap with a lion over his shoulders. Both looking confused. It felt appropriate. It was also appropriate that when finished, I had a card that looked like it could have been made by a 7 year old.

Honestly, next year, I’m just buying a card. And I’m buying stocks in Hallmark. Those guys really make life easier. I never appreciated it until this day. I have one of those nightmare arrangements, in which my girlfriend has her birthday 4 days before Christmas. But wait, there’s more! She’s a twin, so naturally, that means buying for two of them. And of course they’re opposed to being lumped into one big Christmas haul. Can’t blame them on that front, mind you. 

All in all, a productive day of card-making and gift-wrapping. And watching The Spectacular Now, which is a rather wonderfully crafted story, about rather wonderfully crafted characters, starring the wonderfully wonderful Shailene Woodley. It was quite enjoyable, despite the Freudian edge that manifests towards the end presenting the dear MC with tried and tested daddy issues. Regarding Miss Woodley, I was a little crestfallen to hear they’d cut all her scenes from The Amazing Spiderman, but having then learned the reasons, I’d have to agree it was for the best. She gets 3 & 4, though, which isn’t all that bad.

On the topic of young adult heroines, this is a good read: You will have to google the videos if you want to see the actual footage, but it’s totally worth it. There’s something refreshing about seeing the chick fan-girling over Jeff Bridges.


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