The Aftermath. *Dramatic pause… and collapse*


NaNoWriMo’s aftermath. I had hoped to maintain a pace of 1600 words a day, which didn’t work out too well over December’s first week, and since that week climaxed, I’ve managed 1k a day, three or four times. I’m not overly worried, since I’m still maintaining an interest in writing this story, as well as the motivation and the desire to keep writing. I refuse to worry about plot though. I’m going to let the characters worry about that. 

There are some good deals lurking along this path, for the winners of WriMo, which are most endearing indeed. 2 free books from LuLu, a manuscript review from one company or another, 50% off Scrivener, which was nice to get for PC as well as Mac. That’s all irrelevant though. This post is mostly just to regain a hold on my blog posting. 

I picked up Doctor Sleep and Raising Steam yesterday, too, which I’m looking forward to diving into. I’ve never read much of the Discworld stuff, but don’t judge me, it merely means I have 30odd years to catch up on. My plan all along, honest. What can you say about those two fellers? If there are any authors more prolific, I’m yet to find them. I’ve heard every one of King’s releases are worldwide bestsellers, too. Who doesn’t aspire to that? The guy is everything we, as writers, should aspire towards. And if I can conjure from my imagination even half the utterly bizarre and wonderfully colourful stuff that Pratchett has, I’m in a good place.

I’m 60k words into my second novel though. I’m not yet published, and perhaps I never will be. But there’s self-publishing too, if need be, and we should all endeavour to remember that, should we not? In this day and age, self-publishing is more viable than ever before. Yes, the industry is competitive, it’s as hard to get in to as it is to remain within it, as is the case with any relationship worth holding on to. 


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