NaNoWriMo; a Legacy.

So yeah, I finished NaNo 5 days early, with 50,002 words, reaching a total of around 56k by the month’s close. All in all, a hugely successful month. Now, with the story underway, I can afford to take a day or two to plan out where it’s going, which ought to ease the strain somewhat. I have to say, I’ve seen some people come in with more than 60 and 70k words, no doubt there are others with still more, but those who haven’t completed the word count need not consider the month a failure. If you have written anything with any degree of regularity, developed characters or ideas and concepts, perhaps even just developing your own writing voice, then the month was a success, and kudos to you. With NaNo done, there’s not much more for me to say on the matter, so I’ll close with a little message to any budding authors who stumble across this post today, tomorrow, or five years from now. Writing’s hard, but we’ve all failed before, it’s nothing to be afraid of. Be afraid of never trying again, it’s worked for me.


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