NaNoWriMo, day 10. I think.


Currently I’m sitting just shy of 28k words. 3 days ahead, now, so making solid progress. There are some people with 50k+ already, which isn’t surprising I suppose. It’s about this time that I’d have expected people to start finishing, but I can’t help feeling that some people are taking part for the wrong reasons. There’s one girl I’ve seen, who claims to have written 1,000,000 words a few years ago. Maybe she did. But that’s 33k words a day. Assuming she writes every day. All day. To me, that smells like bullshit. I have a hard enough time believing people can reach 80k by this point, let alone double that by the end of the months.

There’s no reason at all that people couldn’t write 10k in a day, but 10k every day, without fail, for 30 days consecutively? For example. I guess it doesn’t matter all that much. Maybe they’re telling the truth, maybe they’re not, but it seems like they’re missing the point a little bit. Who am I to judge though? NaNoWriMo is about nothing more than getting the words on the page, if they’re getting it down, then nothing else matters. But 1,000,000 words? Really?

Anyway, I’ve lasted longer than I thought I would. Before November 3rd, I’d not written much of anything in the better part of 6 months. It feels good to get back in the swing of things. Now I need to start telling myself my work is good. Get the mantra sorted out and all that.


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