My NaNoWriMo, day 8. And London Slang.


Okay, so, there’s literally nothing in this post to do with London slang, but I’ve today faced a mammoth task in getting any writing done whilst my lovely lesser half did research for her own NaNo novel. That, good people, was an absolute joy. I’m not fortunate enough to be in a position where I can go and sit in my office, or my study, or even in my bedroom, since, well, I’m a writer, and writers get to be destitute for large portions of their life. Isn’t that a law of nature or something? Truth is though, the slang down Saaf London is immeasurably ridiculous. Alas, I digress.

Almost 2 days ahead of that dang NaNo curve, which I consider a great success. I’ve been losing word wars with worrying consistency, but putting out a good amount of words in between, so I’m managing to stay ahead. Keeping myself aiming for 1600 words a day is proving to be quite a productive little tactic. I generally find it to be quite attainable, and a very reasonable number to set out for. If I can continue this habit once NaNo is done, then that would be pretty fantastic.

I have no doubt that my writing has improved between this novel and Long May Men Have Voices, I think also the characters are significantly improved. I’ve brought back some old characters from that book, too, which I hadn’t really thought of doing until they showed up one day. They do like to surprise you, don’t they? Pesky little things. It’s 35 odd years later, mind you, so it’s kind of interesting to see where they’ve ended up in life.

It’s nice to see some good folks following my blog. Thanks for the interest. /wave


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