My NaNoWriMo, day 4.


Day 4 has been thoroughly productive. I’ve nailed down more than 3,000 words, reached the day 7 total of 10,000 and managed to push ahead a little bit. The pep talk was provided by a certain Mr Rothfuss, too, and I do always so enjoy hearing from the chap.

As far as authors go, I don’t think there are any about today, at least of his generation, who are quite so insightful with his approach to worldbuilding, to writing in general perhaps, at least in a way that I can relate to. Today, he encouraged us, as writers, to break the rules, which is something I adhere to generally. I never looked at NaNoWriMo as an opportunity to write 50,000 words on nothing in particular, but as a chance to get back into disciplined routines and start a new novel. 

I can see the benefits and the logic behind NaNoWriMo, in the way it encourages people just to sit down and get the words on the page, develop discipline and a routine, but as Pat says in his pep talk, it appears to me that too many are just going to have a pile of unfinished, 50,000 word novels, simply because it’s part of the rules, or simply because it teaches good habits. 

At any rate, I’m breaking the rules and that’s all there is to it. Rules are made to be broken. Maybe not grammatical rules, but I can at least take liberties.


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