Queries and Synopses


If anyone ever tells you that queries and synopses are fun, punch them in the face. Then buy them a drink and sit them down, hold them hostage if you have to, and don’t let them leave until they tell you exactly how they approach it. I’ve been struggling with a query for the better part of a week now, and I don’t see any immediate end. The synopsis, too, is killing me. The hard part of any synopsis is boiling your story right down to the bones. I’ve had to toil with an 800 page story until the bare components equally a little under 2 pages. The really, really hard part is then making that 1 and a bit page reflect the voice of the story, at least to a degree. All of the subplots are gone. All of the secondary characters are gone. All the life and colour is gone. The only thing that really seems to matter is covering every major plot point, every major defining moment and making sure that each word, each sentence, each paragraph says EXACTLY what you need it to do, nothing more or less, and then making them all flow seamlessly into one another.

On another note; I’m looking into worldbuilding again, and I’m writing a story entitled ‘The Hanged Man.’ All good fun. 


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