Final(?) Draft…

Oh, it would indeed be nice if it were so, but when are dreams anything but dreams in the waking world? The notion that this draft might be the last one has a distinctly awful probability of being a pipe dream or a day dream. It’s one step closer, at any rate. I’m now on page 204/803. So there’s a yay on that front. 

I’m at a crossroads, in each direction there is a story I want to tell. Long May Men Have Voices, or the first book at any rate, has to be my priority. There are others I want to tell before I finish this trilogy but the likelihood of focusing my attentions elsewhere until the last book is done is so slim it’s sad.

I’ve had an idea recently, for a trilogy of stand alone novels set in various parts of the world and being very heavily based on different cultures. They would be an adventure into different worlds, much like all stories, but there’s something about them that calls to me on a level that LMMHV doesn’t. An aura of epicness perhaps. Highbrow Low Fantasy, I want to call them, but I fear that may sound a little conceited. 

Regardless, my writing continues. I’ve recently begun writing a high fantasy story based on Runemir (I’ve previously posted the map). This story is solely for the purposes of developing a platform, and can be read here –

For any of you who visit FP regularly, I’d be glad to hear your feedback. More chapters will be uploaded from time to time, though the regularity of which is something I cannot commit to. I’m also writing a crime/mystery novel for critzngigglez, so with this third draft in full swing and constantly planning two more novels that are years down the line, I’m quite busy. I like it. 

I hope one day I get to show the world my work. I hope one day the world enjoys my work. One step at a time though, ey?


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