Ambling, shambling ramble.

Just some thought-doodles about my story.

They say to write the book you want to read, write the story you want to tell. Well my story begins with an ancient evil. Except that ‘evil’ came first, and it was his world that was stolen by the those who claim to do good. Who then can tell us which is to be idealised? For those that came first, their god and maker was strong, he was bold and majestic. Yes, his rule was a harsh thing, meant to tame harsh creatures. Those that came after, the so-called Bringers of Light, brought their radiance on the backs of great steeds with blood already staining their hands. Evil was done before man came along, and evil will linger long after they are gone, but the fact so many seem eager to forget is that evil is always nearby. The goodness my world seeks lies in the hearts of men who tell themselves what it means to be good. In the eyes of your enemy, the atrocity you commit is no less evil than that which your enemy wreaks upon you.

My story also follows an orphan destined for greatness, except, greatness isn’t really all that great. It comes with threats that no sane man should want to face, duties that even the most stalwart warrior would balk at. The heroes of old, those iconic kings that led men to victory, greatness never came easily to them. He grew up with no one to love him, and yet knew the love of dear friends, he has everything to fight for, and nothing. What more might a champion need? Greatness comes from the decisions he makes, but then we wonder if he will make the right decisions.

Greatness is a bane to so many, a burden, a back-breaking endeavour that can just as easily lead to tragedy and sorrow. All the heroes who come to greatness must first suffer loss, they must take on the mantle, accept a pre-ordained legacy that they really, truly want no part of.

A childish and youthful innocence might turn the promise of glory into a sweet, addictive thing, with promises of wealth, adventure and love. The question though, is how much evil will men commit in pursuit of greatness and the goodness they do so cherish?


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