Absent With Leave.

It may or may not have occurred to some that I’ve not posted on here in a long while, but that by no means should be taken as an indicator of how busy I’ve been. I assure you, my lack of productivity is completely unrelated…

I completed the 2nd draft, at last, which was a massive release, and a massive undertaking. Re-drafting almost proved to be more difficult than the first. It took some plundering of my creative depths to make the story work, in places, that hadn’t quite held up to continuity. It had become something of a wandering narrative.

It pains me a little, to realise that the end results didn’t quite match my initial expectations, but it certainly doesn’t mean I’m any less pleased to have finished. I’m hoping with all that I have learned, and will continue to learn, that the second book, tentatively titled ‘By the Light of Fire,’ will more closely adhere to my hopes and dreams. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to achieve with this book, but it’s definitely fair to say, in one regard, that having completed the book at all is hugely satisfying. As it should be.

I’m hoping with the second story to make it noticeably darker, to blur the line between fantasy and horror. There are at least a dozen subplots which will take a centre stage, and several of them should allow me to better explore the darker side of my writing voice. So fingers crossed. I have a whole mess of new characters to introduce, some of which will take on a dominant role in the story. BtLoF will have a much more involved storyline, I hope.

Long May Men Have Voices was never intended to be a coming-of-age story, though it is most certainly so, at this point. Nonetheless, Tol’s story is something I’ve come to care about, and I was greatly pleased to feel the bond grow between myself and my characters. It’s not quite over yet, but the hard part is done, I think, though I have said that before.

My time is filling up now with plotting for the sequel, as well as chapters and erratic paragraphs for a couple of other stories I hope to pursue in the future; one fantasy and the other a real-world horror/fantasy set in Lancashire. Both enjoy an encouraging amount of detail, to the world and to the plots, so I see them happening one day. 

I think that about covers it. I was going to rant about the policies of a particular political group, but I figured ‘why bother?’ when I can just vote for the other guys and avoid all the non-sensical ramblings of the Ignorant. So I intend to do that instead.



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