Under The Dome

I’m quite excited to see the upcoming adaptation of this Stephen King tale, but then, anything with King’s name on it generally inspires excitement. Granted, not all of his work has been done justice, but I would argue that, as an author, he has enjoyed far more success in this regard than most. Rose Red is one example that I stand by gladly, if largely due to the casting of a young Emily Deschanel. But it was good on its own merit too, of course. Bag of Bones is another, despite early reservations regarding a certain lead. 

Primarily, I think, it’s just anticipation ahead of the future Dark Tower series, whensoever it sees daylight. I don’t think I’ll comment on the Carrie remake. I’ve got to say though, my lips quiver when I think of a John Cusack led ‘Cell’ film. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long.


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