They are all of them agents of the Beast. I thought I had escaped major distractions when the Pandaren came to Azeroth, instead, now I find myself thoroughly invested in the plight of Tyria. Though Guild Wars 2 is highly superior and much more enjoyable, I find myself again on a quest to rediscover my won’t-power. 


2 comments on “MMORPGs

  1. Yeah. And I’m still hung up on Everquest II. But I had 300 followers for my fan fiction stories from World of Warcraft, and it taught me to say what I had to in two pages or less!

    • KPlanyon says:

      I actually ‘borrowed’ a few player names I’d seen in World of Warcraft, giving them a few little tweaks of course. I now justify my gaming that way. Inspiration comes at 8.99 a month.

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