No Use For A Name.

I’ve not posted anything in somewhat longer than I had originally intended, but having recently changed my circumstances and more recently come down with a case of man flu, updating this blog has become a secondary thing.

Sadly, I experienced my first real rejection recently, upon learning, much to my surprise, that I had not made it through to the 2nd round of the ABNA. Why, I can’t really say, and I suppose there could be any number of reasons. All I know is, the decision was made based on my pitch, and pitching has never been my strong suit. But it could still have been anything. Anyway, I was disappointed, upset and a little frustrated, and whilst one can always expect to experience rejection in this line of work, dealing with it is never easy. Being held back on the path to your dreams is no easy thing to conquer, but all we can do is keep on keeping on. I can build a ladder, or dig a hole, I can take a hammer to the wall and smash my way through or I can walk for miles until I find a way around, the only thing that matters is not letting the obstacle beat you. This, I do not intend to do. My 2nd draft is under way, so I intend to keep polishing and improving and hope that I come to enjoy better success with my eventual final draft.

Making all these changes is going to be a big undertaking, only 60 or so pages in so far and there’s already more red text than black, but it’s easy to see the writing growing tighter just by removing adverbs, using stronger adjectives, endeavouring always to find the right word, restructuring and rewording lengthy sentences, fixing clumsy sentences and so on and so forth. It’s all part of the fun.


2 comments on “No Use For A Name.

  1. If you need a second set of fresh eyes, let me know! Editing your own work is next to impossible while it’s still “hot” but you need it to stay that way to keep moving!

    • KPlanyon says:

      Many thanks for the offer and the likings. 🙂 I actually have someone editing with me as I go a long, so it’s less than unbearable thankfully. You are right though, it’s the way to keep moving.

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