Words, and how they fail us.

It’s been a fairly quiet life for me, trundling from one point to another, not really knowing how I could achieve what I most wanted in life, but now, things are coming together slowly, pieces of the puzzle are meeting and connecting but still, I find the words I need to properly express just how much this part of my life has effected me is not easy.

Words are a wonderful tool, but they just don’t properly do the job sometimes, in moments of great joy or great sorrow, exclamation or horror. As a wordsmith, it’s my job to craft them and mould them and have them do my bidding, so it saddens me sometimes, to know that words just aren’t enough. But with the shoe on the other foot, I’m beginning to see that words need only do so much, emotion and imagination can fill in the gaps, of course. I once relied so heavily on them, and struggled so hard to find them, to express myself, but now I find that not looking for them, not allowing them to be insufficient or to disappoint me is opening new avenues for word play and a sense of composure when crafting scenes and building characters. Yes, words fail us from time to time, and whilst a picture may be worth a thousand words, I’ll take the words every chance I get..


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