… And So It Begins.

It dawned on me a long time ago, just how much work I have to do. I’m fixating on the sundries, too, like maps and calendar and coats of arms which is only serving to increase my work load, but i find those are often some of the most enjoyable parts.

To the point though, some of the first changes made their way in comment form onto my manuscript today, which marks the beginning of what proves to be a very, very long process; deletions and amendments, new chapters, cutting some scenes and embellishing others, making (what I expect to be) extensive notes, grammar of course, syntax and lexical choice where necessary, new scenes for character development, some scenes even for characters that are ultimately going to meet untimely deaths and who knows what else. There’s so much to do. 

I’ve been dreading it for some time, doubting whether or not I have the organisational capacity to keep track of all the threads and ensure they are tied up neatly, as well as remembering where, and trying to figure out where else I need to develop plot and thread points. On and on and on, the list just keeps trundling on.

All we can do is keep pushing forwards.



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