Isle of Dogs. Again.

There can be no doubt that I have been ruthlessly lacking in my quest to post regularly, but January has been a frustratingly frustrating month with regards to my writing. Isle of Dogs has trundled along like the little engine that could, then couldn’t, then could again, and now at last the top of the hill is beneath my feet. The end is in sight, I think, though it turned out to be quite different from what I had planned and expected, but it does tie in quite well, I think, with a certain character I intend to introduce in my next novel, whenever I get there.

The point is; perseverance is paramount. It took me a while, but no longer than I had allowed for. I should still finish in time to get started on LMMHV within the week. 🙂 So there’s that.

I’ll be moving to Scotland next week, which will be a pleasant change long overdue. 2013 will be a good, strong year, you wait and see.


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