Time’s up. Almost.


It’s nearly time, it seems. At 5am, the ABNA opens up for submissions. (12:00:01am EST) (I think that’s right.) When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will already be running out of time. They have a cap of 10,000 submissions, so I should be safe. I can’t for the life of me imagine that by 11amGMT, all those entries will have flooded in, so the moment will fast begin approaching tomorrow.

By the end of June, I should know whether or not I have made it to the final round. If I have, I may well be posting a link in this blog, asking anyone and all who stumble across this blog to go and check out an excerpt online at amazon.com and vote for me, if you like my story best, or if you just like the others less, if you have a personal vendetta against any/all of my competitors, if you just feel like flexing those muscles in your fingers and don’t really care which way the vote goes, please make a concerted effort to swing it my way. Assuming I get there. But, most important, I do truly hope I get there, and that if I do, you all like my writing/story/characters enough to want to see more. It’s a story I want to tell, they are characters I want you to meet and places I want you to visit.

The world of Taldain is just around the corner, it’s a wondrous place, I think. At least, I have some rather grand designs.


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