First Drafts

I managed to quickly put out a piece of fiction for the W&A shorts competition yesterday, and it miraculously finished dead on 2000 words but currently sits at 1995 and awaits redrafting. I’ve never actually entered into a fiction competition so it will be interesting to see how my story progresses.

Although it was tentatively titled ‘The Wandering Minstrel; A Winding Road Leads Home,’ I will  have to conjure something else as it is no longer about a minstrel but a soldier returning home. Something will come up, it usually does. I tend to find titles when I least expect them to surface, but they are most definitely one of the hardest parts about writing. I was fortunate enough to have a good idea of some of my titles long before I started writing, including those of other books in this series and other, yet to be planned trilogies and stand alones.

I feel like a writer now, and I love it. For so long I wanted to be a writer but never actually managed to finish anything. Now I have a completed first draft manuscript over 700 pages, a completed first draft short for submission to competition and I am making steady progress on another short for submission to competitions and/or fiction magazines/collections etc. I’m on the way, I think. The road is long, but the joy and accomplishment that awaits will make it all worth while.


One comment on “First Drafts

  1. Just a little tip … Joy is in the JOurneY, too. Try the paradigm of Be, Do and Have and let go of Have, Do, Be. You ARE a writer. You were the second you decided to BE one.

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