So, I’ve decided that I ought to prioritise doing a couple of shorts over any immediate plans to start seriously working on a second draft. The Writers & Artists Yearbook 2013 Short Story Competition is just around the corner, so I have decided to work on a piece to submit. At just 2000 words, it will be a good opportunity for me to practice concise and accurate description, as well as, importantly, getting some exposure on a professional level. Above all, it will be nice to see where I come. I’ve no real desire to write outside of Taldain, at least not yet, so it will be a self-contained short within the world tentatively titled ‘The Wandering Minstrel; A Winding Path Leads Home.’ I don’t rightly know what it’s about, except to say that it will in some way be tied to the theme of ‘freedom’ as all submissions must.

Aside from TWM, I will continue to work on Isle of Dogs, with the view of getting it done by the end of January, when it will become full speed ahead on the LMMHV 2nd draft.

On an unrelated note, I’ve just finished wrapping gifts ahead of Chrimbo and I have to say, writing has nothing on the pure, undiluted relief one experiences upon placing the last present under the christmas tree. Thank the Gods, is all I will say.

In case I don’t post again before then, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


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