I am certain be…

I am certain before I begin writing a piece that I will not be able to put sentences together, or worse, that all I have to say has been said before, that there is no purpose, that there is no intrinsic authority to my own words. – Susan Griffin

The second draft is underway, albeit at a slow and casual pace for now, the first of my changes/additions has begun. The trail is littered with bloodied fingers and frayed nerves, all of which I will need to confront again and somehow overcome, but the prospect is quite an exciting one. I’ve always had a somewhat negligible tendency towards sadism, never had I thought that writing would both nurture and encourage that aspect of myself, but I am coming to learn that in order to write, we must be willing to both hurt and ruin our emotional selves. 


One comment on “I am certain be…

  1. Ouch. Yeah. Involves a bit of masochism, too.

    That’s where roleplaying gives us a bit of practice in killing ourselves off, I think, but I haven’t quite got the hang of that, yet.

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