Isle of Dogs

To the west of Agia lies a body of water named the ‘Waters of the White Horse,” for most, they are simply called the Westwaters. But as you follow the coast south past Dalry and many still growing fishing villages and hamlets, you will reach the Deeps. Through this channel between Quay and the Myriad Isles, the winds grow often into tempestuous, violent storms that turn the straits into a perilous domain. It is here that the story begins, with a vessel becoming entrenched within one such storm, a devastating force of nature that turns an ordinary voyage into an amalgamation of all the crew’s worst fears. Being alone at sea, left to the cruel, tormenting torrents of the ocean as it seeks to pull them down into the depths of Nidus’ demesne. When the survivors come at last to an island, they hope for rescue, doing all that they can with what little they have, in no way able to imagine the new horror that awaits them.

I’m feeling good about this little short thus far, I hope it turns out well. 🙂


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