Killing Time.

So this time between drafts is proving to be quite an unbearable one. I managed to rather quickly put out some maps of the entire continent; Otansur, Soruq, Tirisya and Inut, Lererneos, the God’s Teeth, Agia, Prand, Sier, Ibene, Garscholt, Crianlarach, Naul, Freyne and the Undying Froar all now have a pretty solid landscape in my mind. The first of these maps, Agia, can be seen in all its splendour on my website, via the Taldain button on the Main Menu. I’m more than a little happy with it.

I decided to do a calendar, too, which I’m also fairly happy with, once it has been given a bit of a tidy up, it will make its way onto the website too. But now that they are both done, whilst I wait for them to be modified, I have nothing else to do besides worldbuilding, which happens organically. I find forcing worldbuilding can take away too much of its authenticity.

The point of all this warbling is; I think I very well might be leaning towards doing a short story, tentatively titled ‘Isle of Dogs’. I can’t say with certainty that I’ll get it done before the redraft comes along, but it’ll be something constructive to work on. The story will be set in the world of Taldain and will feature the survivors of a shipwreck coming to land upon an uncharted island. At risk of spoilers, I would like to clarify that the end of this story will not reveal them all to have been dead the entire time.


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