A final note on Long May Men Have Voices before my attentions turn largely towards the second book in this as yet untitled series.

They say 2-6 weeks is a good time between drafts, but I have to say, less than a week has passed so far and I feel like the time is being wasted. I have, I believe, secured a prologue, beginning and end to the next book, which is huge, but I had an ending in mind before I started writing Long May Men Have Voices, which didn’t work out quite the way I’d hoped. Still, the practice will prove to be invaluable, I’m sure, as I now intend to write with a little bit more structure in place.

Writing this book has been a groundbreaking achievement for me. For so long, I struggled to find anything I wanted to write enough to finish it, I’ve got bucket loads of truly awful fiction with anywhere from 1 to 40 pages, and a couple with more, and they will never see the light of day, although I have high hopes for this book. It remains to be seen how good this book really is and how well it is received. But I can tell you this; I’ve been reading most of my life, and writing as long as I can remember and for the first time I’ve found a story that I want to tell, a book that I want to write, and this gives me confidence, it gives me faith. I hope Long May Men Have Voices does for you, what it has done for me, I hope you find a place to escape with people you love, and hate, I hope you find little corners of my world for yourself.


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