I came to the conclusion earlier that before I embark upon book 2, whensoever that will occur is beyond me right now, I will submit myself to an eye test because, by God, today has been a strain on the old jelly-filled-seeing-machines. This monster just will not die. So yay for that.

On a more positive note, I’ve just finished another chapter, consisting of around 10,000 words, which I’m rather happy with indeed.


One comment on “Headaches

  1. My practice for the last few years has been to keep my writing to two pages, being mindful of the short attention span of our ADHD induced culture here. A 10,000 word chapter sounds like an indulgence I can only dream of!

    Hmm… Speaking of indulgence, ice cream anyone? *trots off to stare longingly into an empty freezer*

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