Wednesday 17th October, 2012

I am now officially 26 years of age. October 14th flew past with a heated vengeance, which wasn’t entirely a bad thing. October 15th was spent at a rather lovely Peckforton Castle and a 4* hotel with my agent/editor/girlfriend, who as always, managed to surpass my expectations. Not to mention gifting with a particularly surprising present. All in all, I had a very good weekend where the week before was littered with toothache, headache, heartache and soulache. But all that is done now and I’m back to discovering things about my world of wonders.

I don’t think it’s just me that enjoys getting new stationery, but I do all the same, largely because it complements my borderline OCD organisational traits. I have to say, even before I started writing this book, I was going through various ways to better organise my redraft. I’m quite looking forward to having a nice, thick pile of paper to play with. Even if I’m not exactly looking forward to the sheer volume of culture, character and story notes that will follow. But again, that’s something that I like to ponder in my downtime. I have this urge inside me, to establish the entire contents of King Thoice’s Royal Library, but let’s just say that is somewhat of a long shot.

I’ve noticed a few bits and bobs throughout that I have forgotten about, or pieces that need embellishing and elaborating, POV’s that need to be added or removed and character aspects that have a part to play and yet, have not been touched upon in some time. I wonder if Robert Jordan or Raymond E. Feist remembered every minute detail about their worlds, or whether they had notes as extensive as I imagine mine to be.

Whatever the case may be, I’m moving on and I’m making more progress than I ever have before. So I think it’s safe to say I’m on the right track.

Write, time to right.


2 comments on “Wednesday 17th October, 2012

  1. So. Somebody needs to tell your agent/editor/girlfriend she needs to get on your blog, like all your posts and do some commenting! That’s one way you help out your writer boyfriend’s career, you know? LOL

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