Sunday, 7th October 2012

So I’ve spent most of this weekend watching the Snooker on Eurosport. I used to like having it on whilst I wrote because it was a good source of background noise for a few hours, some nights. Perhaps I should have known that I would eventually become so invested in it that it would become a distraction. All the same, I did manage to get some pages done and also to flesh out some events in Agia’s history and the religion.

I watched an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles earlier, that I thought might honestly have been one of the best episodes I’ve seen in recent memory, from any show. The characterisation was surprisingly profound and helped me realise a couple of things about my writing and about the story in particular. I always used to think that if I couldn’t vocalise my own feelings, how could I convey those of my characters? As it turns out, I’ve learned, experienced and felt more things in my life than I had originally thought. Occasionally, I’ll be writing about a character or a scene and something new will surface. I’m learning to love that.


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