Monday, 5th November 2012

I suppose I have not done a good job of posting things more frequently, at least not in the week since I made that promise. With what I approximate to be the final month of this first draft marathon, my thoughts have been somewhat distracted and preoccupied.

I’ve been to the library again today, digging out books about life as a Roman Legionnaire, the Crusades and a book about the inimitable Owain Glyndwr, all of which make it onto the pile of books I intend to read over the Christmas period before starting the redraft in the new year. I wonder which will be devoured first? Likely I will meet Owain, first. National pride and all that.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, of course, and I still intend to upload a couple of scanned maps. When exactly I do this remains to be seen, and they will purely be works in progress but they definitely give an impression of what the world will look like. TTFN…


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