A final note on Long May Men Have Voices before my attentions turn largely towards the second book in this as yet untitled series.

They say 2-6 weeks is a good time between drafts, but I have to say, less than a week has passed so far and I feel like the time is being wasted. I have, I believe, secured a prologue, beginning and end to the next book, which is huge, but I had an ending in mind before I started writing Long May Men Have Voices, which didn’t work out quite the way I’d hoped. Still, the practice will prove to be invaluable, I’m sure, as I now intend to write with a little bit more structure in place.

Writing this book has been a groundbreaking achievement for me. For so long, I struggled to find anything I wanted to write enough to finish it, I’ve got bucket loads of truly awful fiction with anywhere from 1 to 40 pages, and a couple with more, and they will never see the light of day, although I have high hopes for this book. It remains to be seen how good this book really is and how well it is received. But I can tell you this; I’ve been reading most of my life, and writing as long as I can remember and for the first time I’ve found a story that I want to tell, a book that I want to write, and this gives me confidence, it gives me faith. I hope Long May Men Have Voices does for you, what it has done for me, I hope you find a place to escape with people you love, and hate, I hope you find little corners of my world for yourself.


The Dogs Are Barking.

So, finally, after nearly four months of slaving over a blank page and a good year or two on worldbuilding, my first draft is finally complete. That’s right boys and girls, Long May Men Have Voices now has a complete version.

The long road home has been defeated, the dogs are barking, it’s time to take my shoes off, have a cigarette and a cup of tea and think about reading some new fantasy over the christmas holidays. Almost time for Switzerland, 2012 worked out after all.


Somehow, writing my blog via wordpress instead of updating the website manually, is remarkably more appealing. It was ever so painstakingly painstaking that other, ugly way.

Finally managed to get myself working today, after a long bout of procrastination. I managed to figure out a characters ending, too, which had been bugging me for a couple of days. I think I’m nicely fuelled up for this chapter now, should be a straight run to the finish sometime tomorrow or sunday.


I came to the conclusion earlier that before I embark upon book 2, whensoever that will occur is beyond me right now, I will submit myself to an eye test because, by God, today has been a strain on the old jelly-filled-seeing-machines. This monster just will not die. So yay for that.

On a more positive note, I’ve just finished another chapter, consisting of around 10,000 words, which I’m rather happy with indeed.

The Road Home

Finally managed to tie up a blog to the website. The original one was nice, but submissions were long winded and fidgety. I think the webmaster and I are certainly more enamoured with this system.

It’s that time. I’m on the home stretch. I realistically expect to have the first draft complete within 10 days.

What a trip it’s been. It’s not over yet though, still got a few little bits and bobs to cover, some threads to tie up, but it’s all coming to a head last. With two years of procrastinating and extensive world building and nearly one year of blood, sweat, tears and paper cuts, the end is near.

I can not wait to have a solid chunk of paper in my hands, every one full of words about a world that is entirely within my imagination. I am thoroughly enthused.